A Comprehensive Guide To Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening can be done in different ways. Among them one is professional bleaching and over is using over the counter whitening kits. Both yield good results based on the intensity of the stain and the condition of the teeth. Professional bleaching involves visiting a dental clinic or teeth whitening Aurora centers. You can find more details on cosmetic dentistry at https://medlineplus.gov/cosmeticdentistry.html. At the clinic, a customized bleaching tray is made to meet your specific requirement. This can be created within minutes and can be used along with bleaching gel at home. You can also use tray-less whitening products like strips and other off the rack whitening products.

Chair side bleaching There are two ways it can be done. At the dentist clinic, a very strong bleaching agent is used with a combination of light or laser. The tooth is first cleaned using a pumice material to remove plaque and other stains on the teeth. After this, a peroxide gel is applied, and with the help of light, the whitening process is initiated. Though some are self-activated, some need light to assist the process. The laser is not meant for whitening the teeth, it is used to activate the bleaching gel thereby instigating a chemical reaction. The whole process takes about half an hour, but for best results, one plus sessions are required.

At home bleaching tray As the name goes, it is a bleaching tray designed to hold on the tooth on an hourly or overnight basis depending on the intensity of the bleach. Earlier the bleaching tray was devised by a dentist, but now customized trays are available on the internet or at the drugstore. The mold has to be mailed to the dental lab that fabricates the tray and emails it back to your address. This can take around 2-3 weeks time. On the contrary, the boil and bite trays are readily available but can be bulky and poor fitting. Visit a dentist before starting the whitening process as it can help in eliminating cavities and other conditions that can reduce the results.

Irrespective of the method you try, the whitening of the teeth depends on the color of the teeth and the source of discoloration. Yellow or brown teeth that are often the result of staining due to coffee, smoking and tea can be easy to whiten. But, gray teeth caused by pigmentation are not easy to whiten.

Among the above-mentioned methods, Chair-side is the most expensive but fastest in providing the desired results. But it may require more than one session for best results. Carry home bleaching kits are available for less at the dentist and can be used at your own convenience. Off the rack, bleaching products are cheaper and less effective. While using the bleach your teeth will be sensitive to hot and cold items but this will fade away in a day or two.

Using the right whitening method that suits your specification and budget is crucial for getting sparkling white teeth. Once the process is complete, it is important to take proper care to ensure the results last for a few years at least.

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