Healthy Foods Help For Treating Anemia In Dogs

Dogs are not excused from Anemia. Anemia is the result of a disease process and not a specific disease. When RBCs, hemoglobin, or both hugely reduced, anemia happens. Dogs will have the common signs of anemia including tired, listless, loss of pink color gums and very lethargic. These signs only call for an appointment with a veterinarian. Iron deficiency is not the reason for anemia, and it is not the same type of disease for dogs as in humans.

The veterinarians will take several RBCs tests, and the common test is Packed Cell Volume. They need to know whether the bone marrow produced more new RBCs to restore the lost which can be seen in a blood smear. Parasites in a blood smear will be checked which may cause the RBCs destruction. There is a chance of leukemia by this sign. Parasites existence is tested in a fecal exam which may be a reason for the loss of blood. These are the tests done to find the causes of anemia in dogs.

Following are the disorders of dog autoimmune disease which is grouped into three types:

· Diseases causing blood loss – trauma or injury, fleas, hookworms, ticks, kidney tract, intestinal and urinary tract tumors · Diseases causing Hemolysis – blood parasites, cancer, autoimmune disease, toxins and chemicals · Diseases reducing RBC production – poor nutrition, imbalanced nutrition, severe chronic disease, hypothyroidism, autoimmune disease, cancer, chemical and toxins, results in bone marrow suppression.

A blood transfusion may be required for life-threatening anemia to stabilize a dog until finding out the source of the anemia. If the dog is suffering from moderate anemia, make sure that enough nutrition is provided to the dog.

All healthy and naturally packed dog food with minerals and vitamins will help dogs to get more strength. Be careful while choosing food to the long-term health of dogs as they eat the same food every day.

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