Touch Him To Turn Him On

Men are simple creatures if you know how to tame them. Remember that men want to make love as much as you do and hence he wants to be turned on. So, it is not something that you are doing against his will. But you have to realize that turning him on is your responsibility if you want the sexual compatibility and chemistry to remain perfectly spiced up. Love is really important for life. And good satisfying sex is important to keep the spark in your relationship. And turning him on is important for good sex.

How to touch a guy to turn him on? Is not the answer to this question very obvious? There are various places on a man’s body where a mere touch will send shivers down his spine and make him so full of passion that he would not able to resist you no matter what. This is even more so because no man wants to resist himself from making love. Among them, his ear is perhaps the most underused places. A slight bite on his ears might send your man into a frenzy that he would not easily recover from.

Make sure that the bite is not too subtle or too strong. The optimum balance must be maintained. Kiss him on his ear before you bite him and tease him to want you more with unimaginable passion and uncontrollable desire. Kiss him on the ears after the bite and breathe onto it to him on even more. Remember that it is important to make sure that the surroundings in which you do are absolutely suitable to culminate in the fulfillment of your desires. Make sure that he is teased do not offer yourself to him without efforts on his part.

Touching his penis or putting your hands inside his pants in an attempt to hold it while you are kissing is another great way to make sure that he is turned on and wants you with a passion that is beyond all reason and control.

Kissing is very important if you want to turn on your guy. Deep passionate kisses are as arousing as they are romantic. They are an expression of love and intimacy but they are also intended to serve as precursors of the act of making love. Make sure that your kisses have the right amount of tongue involved. The tongue fights between locked lips can lead him to such passion and desire that he would want to do anything and everything for you in those moments. The quality of kissing is extremely important. Be subtle to begin with.

Oral sex is another very efficient and sure shot way to make sure that your man is filled with passion and desire. Let him know what your lips and tongue can do and that and make sure that he is yours for the taking. Oral sex can be so arousing for a man that he loses all his calm and control and wants to satisfy you and himself with a passion that was previously unfelt.

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