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Online Tracking At Its Best

Get complete control of your business with online tracking and always keep the shipment status updated. The shipment tracking can give an edge to any business. It can help the receiver to take vital business decisions. Moreover tracking can give you the whereabouts of the package and ensure its safety. There is no doubt that online tracking is a vital part of the supply chain. The reason for this is it can reduce delays, improve collaboration and cut on operating cost. One resource can manage all your shipping needs. Using a single service provider can make the whole process simple by saving on time that would be wasted otherwise while moving from one provider to another.

Enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive shipping activity with a consolidated bill and single shipping system at www.eshipper.com. Shipping is a sensitive subject, and it is important to compare courier rates before finalizing. Get the right deal before signing up with a courier company. Most eshippers have tracking services. The biggest advantage of tracking is that it is done on a real time basis. This means the updates are frequent in contrast to traditional tracking system where the update is done only when the consignment is delivered. Tracking gives you the edge in business while giving you the time to analyze the results and plan in advance based on the transit details.

Online tracking system gives the customer peace of time. This can enhance customer relationship. When the supplier provides shipment tracking live to the customers, the relationship strengthens. The security features in online tracking are superior with customers given auto generated passwords that are unique to each consignment. The password can only be changed by the customer. With unique passwords, the chance of loss is reduced. All that is to be done is to enter the consignment name and address, and the shipment details are revealed to the customer.