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6 Etiquettes For A Professional After-Hours Party

It’s that time of the year again when you are invited to office parties and informal meeting with your co-workers. Some of the best bars in Perth play host to after -hour’s party, and you can look at it as a wonderful opportunity to connect with your team. Before you attend a party, quickly run through articles on healthy eating featured in www.thedailymeal.com. They give you healthy eating ideas, so you do not end up painting a sorry picture of yourself on the party floor.

While you read the tips from the website, glance through these etiquette tips.

Complete Your Work
You have been invited to an after-hours party. Congratulations on that. Before you step out, ensure that all your work has been completed. If you have been assigned tasks or you have a deadline to meet, put off attending the party until your work desk has no pending assignments.

It is better to arrive late at the party rather than be present there with a pile of unfinished tasks in the office.

Remember The Purpose Of The Party
When you are invited to a work event, identify the purpose for which it was conducted in the first place. If you are aiming to climb up the corporate ladder talk to leaders or head of the team. You can talk to a specific superior, or you can network and make new friends from other departments.

The food and drinks are in abundance, and you can take a bite or two from your plate. Sip a drink, but remember to exercise limit when you are with seniors. You don’t want to be labeled an alcoholic by your teammates.

Dress Code
Unless you are in a carnival or a theme-based party, you must dress appropriately for the event. Your choice of dressing must blend with the event. If you plan to wear colored jackets and trousers, you will stick out like a sore thumb.

Do Some Homework
You will be stepping out of your comfort zone and meeting new people. Before you attend the party, brush up on your conversation skills. Do your homework by finding out about the latest events in your city, and state of political affairs in your country. If there are alcoholics served, decide how much you plan to drink and who will accompany you to the event.

Once you are at the party, strike meaningful conversations with the people. You can talk about neutral topics like your hobbies and interests. Steer clear from controversial topics about religions or politics. You do not have to indulge in talks about yourself or work. Ask your colleague about their holiday plans and how they intend to celebrate Christmas and so on.

Casually inquire about their kids (if they have any), or you can talk about the latest Japanese restaurant in town. Keep the conversation interesting and polite.

Know Your Limits
Identify your boundaries when at an office party. If your boss invites you for a drink, use this invitation to talk about yourself. The golden rule here is to avoid bragging. Do not dominate the conversation and do something which would make you regret later. Sharing a drink with the boss is fine, but getting too close with their spouse is not acceptable.

Rule 1. Have fun at the party and get to know new people from other departments. Rule 2 requires that you stay within your limits and behave professionally without getting drunk.