The Complete Description Of Turapur Water Pitcher

Due to a number of reasons, almost everything in this world is polluted. Water is no exception from the globe threatening pollution. In tap water there are traces of chemicals like Mercury, lead, cadmium, chlorine etc that may cause adverse health issues when continuously taken in. The need for water purifiers is evident nowadays for healthy living. The Turapur Pitchers are water filtering systems that help in drinking hydrogen enriched water for better health. According to drinking clean water is a fundamental part of staying healthy and disease-free.

Is it a purifier or a filter? Turapur is a device that filters the water, enriches it with hydrogen and provides pollution free and chemicals free pure water. This is the main reason why Turapur can be differentiated from other normal water pitchers in the market. What does hydrogen enriched water provide? Water with hydrogen ions helps to be brisk and acts as an anti-ageing factor.

How can one get Hydrogen rich water from Turapur? Turapur consists of mineral layers like magnesium, copper etc in its filter. When water is poured through the filter it reacts with magnesium and produces hydrogen ions thereby giving hydrogen enriched water as the end product. The body needs antioxidants to fight the free radicals that damage cells and increase the risk of diseases. Hydrogen ions are the balancing factor that balances the free radicals, thereby stops the free radicals from affecting the healthy cells. Drinking water is good for health. With Turapur’s double health property drinking water increases immunity and metabolism.

What is the working model of Turapur? There are two stages by which Turapur pitcher filters and provides hydrogen rich water. Filtering and enriching are the two stages by which water is turned to hydrogen enriched water by turapur water pitcher. First stage – The pitcher has a unique filtering layer of carbon (certified by NSF). This layer filters out all the bad taste, odor and impurities and gives better tasting water at the end of this stage. The second stage – This is the mineral layer that consists of magnesium, infrared ceramics and tourmaline. Magnesium oxidizes when reacting with water and leaves hydrogen as residue. The ceramic and tourmaline breaks up more hydrogen and changes water to hydrogen-rich with the anti-oxidant property.

What is the cost of Turapur water pitcher? The normal cost of turapur pitcher is $19.95 with additional charges for shipping and handling if any. Buying the filter online, one will be automatically subscribed to the Turapur auto ship program. Initially at the time of buying it comes with 60 days durable filters, after that being a member of the subscription one will receive three filters costing $45 for another six months. This membership can be canceled at any time by the user.

Availability As for now, turapur water pitchers available in forty-nine states. But it is unavailable to people outside the United States. It is restricted in California due to some regulation that is followed there.

Being hale and healthy is what the objective humans work hard for. Being healthy should be made a practice from childhood to follow till death. Starting it with water will be a commendable one. Drinking purified and filtered water helps to retain good health in many ways. Turapur gives double health benefit, pure water and hydrogen rich water thereby increasing the immunity.

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