What To Do In San Francisco?

The city of San Francisco can be one of the most splendid and attractive places to spend a holiday with your family or even with a group of friends. The tourism in this city has been able to come up a long way because of the variety of things that it can offer to almost all types of tourists. Some of you may come up and ask ‘what to do in San Francisco?’. People who have never been to this fabulous city may not be fully aware of the things that they can do in SF. They can get a lot of useful and desired info from www.travel.usnews.com.

If you have never been to San Francisco, then you too may not know much about the various places of interest that are located in this historic city. It is highly probable that you have heard bits and pieces of interesting things about historical landmarks such as the golden gate bridge which is one of the many things that make SF a special city. The fact is that the Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most iconic structures that have even been built not only in the city of SF but also in the entire United States of America.

The Alcatraz prison which is located on the Alcatraz Island in San Francisco is not a prison anymore, but it can attract a lot of tourists from across the planet to the city of SF. You may not be aware of the fact that the death sentences on many of the most dangerous convicts in the history of the United States of America have been carried out in the Alcatraz Prison. When you visit the Alcatraz Prison, then you are bound to understand and realize the history that has been associated with this place.

The Alcatraz Tour can occupy a major part of a day, and when you come out, then you may feel truly exhilarated. A tour of the Alcatraz Prison can also prove to be a fascinating day out for kids of almost all ages. In the current times, you can book your tour to the Alcatraz Prison from its online sites as well.

Going to the fisherman's wharf in order to watch creatures such as sea lions can also be a fascinating way to spend the day because sea lions are not found commonly in most places. Apart from these activities, you will feel like you are in heaven if you love shopping. The reason behind this is that shopping in the city of San Francisco can be a truly super cool experience for people who want to choose from a wide variety of goods.

The variety that you get in branded and high-quality stuff at the union square is nothing short of amazing from any point of view. If you are a lover of arts, then it will be a super cool idea to visit the palace of fine arts because it has a super valuable art collection that can be enjoyed by people who understand the various art forms.


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